Frozen Un-cooked Bulk (Halal, Regular and Vegetarian)

Chicken Curried Roll in Puff Pastry (Unbaked)
Chicken Patties
Chicken Balls
Spicy Chicken Patties
Chicken Croquette
Chicken Supreme with brie and pear
Chicken Supreme with Apple and Cranberries
Beef Wellington (Individual)
Par-Fried Veal Patties 
Par-Fried Pork Patties
Seafood Brochette
Salmon Phyllo
Seafood Brochette
Shrimp wrapped with Bacon
Hors D'Oeuvre

Vegetable Samosas
Spinach Tofu Burger (Vegan)
Pre fried Vegetable Spring Roll 50g (large)
Vegetable Cutlets
Grain and Vegetable Burger (Vegan)
Pre-Fried Vegetarian Spring Roll 30g (small)
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